Our Products
BS Exfoliating Gel - BS118
Riches in plant extract enzymes that effectively remove
excess sebum and cellular impurities. It removes unwanted
dead cells and resolve clogging of the cellular waste to avoid the
formation of acne, leaving skin more vibrant and healthier. Recommemded to be used every 3 days once for any skin types.
BS Aqua Wash – BS119 (Double Cleansing Toner)
This Aqua Wash is formulated with natural bio actives which helps to eliminates impurities and
make-up and it’s Re-hydrating properties help to soften and balance the skin.
BS Soothing Mist - BS213
The natural plant extract of high-protein life cell maintains the ideal moisture balance of skin, stabilizes sensitive skins and minimizes open pores. With its hydrating properties, soothing mist revives dehydrated skin into refreshed, soothed and energetic skin. Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin.
BS Balancing Mist - BS215
Formulated with botanical and tea tree essence, it aids in elimination of excessive sebum secretion, calms and neutralizes the skin by balancing its moisture PH level, resulting in refreshed, refined and non-greasy healthy skin. It is recommended for T-Zone, oily and premature skin.
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