CLR - since its foundation is 1926 an independent private company in Berlin. At first activities were in the field of manufacturing reactants used in chemical laboratories. Later added were products of synthetic organic chemistry such as special amines and betaines used in the pharmaceutical and techno-chemical industries. As early as the early 1930's CLR was mentioned in the literature as one of the two Berlin based suppliers of triethanolamine. At that time it was a new raw material to be used in the saponification of fatty acids.

The resultant mild skin compatible soaps were used as emilsifiers for cosmetic preparations even then. With regard to the trend in the cosmetic industry towards biologically active skin care products, CLR concentrated its efforts in the development of cosmetic active ingredients and their production in the beginning of the 1950's.

Ideas, and scientifically proven a ctive ingredients and their applications, are necessities for the development of sophisticated skin care products. Because of this convictions, and our history of competence and responsibility for decades, our creative contributions will extend and continue in the future.

CLR active ingredients are products of predominantly natural origin and possess the functionality to achieve biocosmetic effectiveness on the skin. Our products philosophy is to obtain the desired ingredients "undestroyed" in their native state, from basic materials, and to do so by preserving their natural structures or compositions.

As a result of this objective, a particularly high degree of quality with respect to extraction methodology and manufacturing precedures is required.

Carefully selection and quality control of raw and basic materials, the application of the gentle extraction methods, a continuous process control and documentation, substantial analytical and microbiological controls as a final check are all criteria for the manufacture of CLR active ingredients. Hence, follows a high standard orienting to the GMP guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). A basic rule at CLR for our product’s Bio Science.

Bio Science's product is under the certification of Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH. Its skincare treatment formulations are developed in cooperation with the technical application department in Berlin, Germany. Our personnel had received intensive training conducted by Dr. Kurt Richter in Berlin.  
Lightening and Renewing Skin
Tightening and Refining Open Pores
Pimple and Acne Intensive Treatment
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