Our Products
BS Renewing Masque - BS611
The botanical extracts effectively remove
dead cells, impurity epidermis, balance up
skin's PH level and unplug clogged pores.
It moistures the upper layer of the epidermis and improves skin elasticity which promotes cell revitalization thus prevent premature skin.
It also reduces skin discoloration and reveals smoother and radiant-looking skin.
BS Clarifying Masque - BS612
The clay that rich in natural soil minerals works actively to remove dirt and sebum, including black and white heads. Its healing properties minimize the formation of
dark spots and blemishes whilst restore natural skin PH, to reveal a clean and
healthier complexion.

BS Collagen Gel Mask - BS617
A revolutionary mask contains natural collagen fiber complex, which stimulates cellular regeneration and firming skin by resulting elasticity and tone. It quickly and gently removes complexion-dulling impurities and reduces the fine lines, leaving skin in healthier, brighter and more luminous.
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