Our Products
BS UV Milk - BS711 (SPF 15)
The oil-free 'UV' protector consisting pure plants extract that
protecting skin from harmful effects of Ultra Violet Rays.
Thus, it prevents the formation of dark spots and
pigmentation. This superior 'UV' protector hydrates and
keeps your skin soft and smooth with its adequate moisture base.
BS Sun Cream - BS712 (SPF 30)
It is ideal for face daily protection. Its non-oily and transparent texture gives
a pleasant feeling to the skin and also forms a layer of protection against harmful environment such as UVA & UVB sunrays. This sun cream is good for dehydrated
skin and against aging skin.
BS UV Foundation - BS713 (SPF 25)
UV Foundation is an emollient - rich cream that provides excellent sunscreen protection all day long. It consists of SPF that serves as an effective filtration of the harmful UV rays thus protecting the graceful skin, in additon, it acts as make-up concealed in correcting and covering skin flaws.
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