Our Products
BS Sebum Control Serum - BS512
The natural plants and botanical
extracts balancing the secretion of oil
over the face. It removes unwanted dead cells, purifies and exfoliates irritated skin. It helps to tighten open pores whilst builds a protection layer against harmful environment and restores the moisture level of skin.
BS Sebum Control Cream - BS513
This is special formulated to acne-prone skins. It effectively removes oil; prevent excessive sebum secretion and oil blockage. It consists of antiseptic and healing properties that controlling infection and inflammation without irritating the skin.
BS Sebum Control Lotion - BS515
Effectively removes excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads and help to lighten pimples and acne scars. The active ingredients slough away dead cells that build up outer layer of the skin, stimulate new cells growth and allow better nutrients absorption, leaving smooth and
younger skin.
BS Purifying Lotion - BS216
A special formulated liquid and power blend treatment formulation for oil-rich and acne-prone skin conditions. It helps to prevent oil breakthrough, purifies epidermis and eliminate excess sebum. Its antiseptic properties calm and sooth inflamed skin and build up a layer of protection. It reconstruct skin cells further more improves skin condition.
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