Our Products
Firming Complex - BS 312
Containing unique plant extracts for the regenerating power of cells which enabling the skin with persistent elasticity, full of energy, enhancing the speed of collagen growth. It helps to firm up facial contour, reshaping facial and eye line area and eliminating puffiness. Suitable for: all types of skin.
BS Hydro Boost Serum– BS317
Adopting high technology and hyaluronic acid, it concentrates and penetrates deep into skin layer in strengthening oxidation process, enabling cells the abilities of self-regenerating and hydro-regulating hence resulting radiant and smooth complexion, enhancing the instant flattening of fine lines and providing sufficient hydration to skin. (Suitable for: Dehydrated, moderate and dry skin)
BS Aqua Sensible Lotion – BS517
This special formulated lotion helps to pacifies and calming the redness as well as for irritated skin. At the same time, it protects the membrane on the skin surface layer & frequently use will leaves the skin soft, supple & radiant.
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