Our Products
BS Soothing Fluid - BS313
Its active ingredients contain multi anti-oxidants;
Vitamin A & E extracts that work beyond moisturizing
the skin. Soothing fluid helps to rebuild skin's elasticity and repairs dehydrated skin, diminishes dead cells, lighten the discoloration of skin and eventually resulting in a refined texture skin.
  It provides you with healthy and youthful - looking skin in just a few days time. Suitable for normal and dry skin types.  
BS Soothing Repair Gel – BS318
The Natural Plant extracts combined with Aloe Vera Extract ingredients effective in reducing redness and its soothing properties enable claming and soothing of a sensitive skin.
BS Eye Lift Serum - BS317
Containing collagen that improves the elasticity of the skin around the eyes and other cell-activating essences that able to stimulate cellular tissues and assist in cell reformation. It provides distinctive effects on diminishing fine lines, replenishing moisture, reducing puffiness and dark eye circles around the eyes.
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