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BS Bio Ultimate Cream – BS522
It contains a self-balance remedy from highly active
Dioscrorea villosa L-extract. This material will be transformed within
our bodies based on what we need. It gives essential health benefits to person with problems related to aging. This material does not contain any animal or plant hormone and hence does not cause dependence or organ degeneration.
BS Bio Active Lotion - BS516
A milky lotion containing natural plant extracts that hydrate and nourishes the skin. It can be easily absorbed, thus, effectively restore suppleness and elasticity and leave your skin silky smooth and radiant look. It also assists to improve uneven skin color and visibly reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
BS Soothing Cream - BS521
The natural plant extracts as the active ingredient enables better penetration and absorption into the skin. It induces moisture into skin, freshen and soften skin, even for irritated skin, without leaving you greasy feeling. It is suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and normal skin types.
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