Our Products
BS Cleansing Foam - BS111
A special formulated foaming wash
that provides excellent oil removal
effect whilst maintaining the natural
level of moisture over the skin. It leaves a soft and refreshing skin and it's suitable for normal to oily skin.
BS Cleaning Milk - BS113
A revolutionary formulated deep cleansing that containing natural plant enzyme property. It effective cleanses the epidermis and eliminates cellular impurities and excessive sebum secretion. It cleanse thoroughly without leaving the skin feeling dry and irritated. It's suitable for normal, combination and oily skin.
BS Cleaning Lotion - BS112
With the natural fruits essence, it gently removes impurities such as make-up, dirt and surface oil effectively. It softens and protects your skin from dehydration. It also can be used as make-up removal. This is specially designed for very sensitive, aging and dry skin.
BS Cleansing Gel - BS115
A unique cleansing gel containing honey and tea tree extract that promoting deep cleanse of impurities and eliminates excess sebum production. It cleanses the epidermis and contains antiseptic properties that assist in controlling infection and inflamed skin. Thus, it is highly recommended for oily and acne skin.
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