Our Products
BS Active Lift Serum (Collagen) - BS813
Functions :
- Restores moisture and turn over loosened keratin bond
- Prevent skin from aging
- Promote skin elasticity and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
BS Soothing Serum (Soothing) - BS815
Functions :
- Moistures & protects skin from getting infection & inflamed cause by harmful environment
- Restores skin's moisture level
- Improves irritated and damaged skin
Purifying Serum (Anti-acne) - BS818
Function :
- Regulates sebum secretion
- Reduces and treats acne lesions
- Reduces irritation and inflammation caused by serious acne and it soothing and revitalizes tired looking skin whilst restores texture
BS Clarifying Serum (Whitening) - BS821
- For gradual fading of pigment disorder, freckles and dark spots by its bleaching properties
- Reduces skin discoloration
- Provides day-long hydration to skin
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